Change Ubuntu Desktop Background Wallpaper

Tired of the old look from previous version of Ubuntu? Need a new wallpaper? Ubuntu 16.04 comes with 13 new wallpapers to choose from. Right click on the desktop and select Change Desktop Background to get started.

From there you can select:
-one of thirteen included wallpapers
-photos stored in your Pictures folder
-apply colors and gradients to your background

What do you think of the wallpapers for Ubuntu 16.04? Do you have a favorite or do you plan to use your own photos?

Preview RemixOS

Quick Preview Of Remix OS

Installed Remix OS and gave it a run to see what it has and how it runs. Looks promising so far but as you can see from the video below, it crashed and rebooted. Since it is still in beta I’m sure there are many things still being worked on. Nothing much but a quick preview for now.

Did you also install it? How was your experience with it? Anything you like/dislike so far?

Ubuntu Software Updater

Install Ubuntu Software Updates

To install important updates such as security and recommended patches, you can use a tool included in Ubuntu. Start by clicking on the first icon on the top left of your screen and then type software updater.

Keep in mind that Ubuntu will also automatically inform you when any updates are available and you can choose at that point if you want to install or not. The System Updater also informs you when a new version (ie: old version is 14.04 and new version is 16.04) can be downloaded and installed.