Spaces Is Group Sharing App From Google

Spaces Is A Group Sharing App From Google

Group share everything in life with Google’s new app Spaces available for both Android and iOS!

One quick tap to start a new space, then just add photos, videoo and posts to fill it with content. Invite your friends and family with the unique link and then start having real time conversations right next to the content. As you can see in our video below, searching is quite easy even if you choose not to type a single word. A click on the image button and it’ll automatically filter the rest of the content.

Here’s the description from Google:
• Create a space for any topic in one tap
• Invite friends or family any way you like with a quick link
• Google Search, Chrome, Photos and YouTube built into the sharebox
• Members of a space can comment on each post
• Quickly find anything in your spaces by searching keywords


Watch our video for a quick tour:

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NodeBB is a free mobile first discussion platform with instant notifications. It comes with analytics dashboard, real time chat, built in localization support along with plugins and themes to enhance it even more.

Before we get started, make sure you sign up for a new account through our link and get your $10 credit which is equal to two months of free service on the 1GB plan!

Check your system and make sure you have node installed.

node --version

If it’s not on your system, you can follow the Install Node And Verify Version On Ubuntu guide. Once you are ready, proceed to the next page.