MySQL Ubuntu

Install MySQL On Ubuntu

MySQL was created by a Swedish company and is a widely used open-source relational database management system for use in web applications. To start with the install, type the following in a terminal window sudo apt-get install mysql-server You will be asked to provide an administrative password for MySQL use and then it will ask…

NodeBB Ubuntu

Install NodeBB on Ubuntu

NodeBB is a free mobile first discussion platform with instant notifications. It comes with analytics dashboard, real time chat, built in localization support along with plugins and themes to enhance it even more. Before we get started, make sure you sign up for a new account through our link and get your $10 credit which…

MongoDB Ubuntu

Install MongoDB on Ubuntu

MongoDB is a JSON-like cross-platform document-oriented database with dynamic schemas which MongoDB calls BSON. Before we can type in the commands listed, we will need to open a terminal window Click on the Ubuntu icon on the upper left and then type terminal to search for it. You can then launch it by clicking on…