Focus On What Really Matters Using Inbox

A new app titled Inbox hopes to reinvent email that you’ve been using for so many years. Could this really be the future of communication? To start, Inbox will have the beautiful material design that was introduced in Android 5.0 “Lollipop”. The app may end up to be the central place to keep track of…


Configure Domain With WWW or Non-WWW

When you browse websites, do you care if the site uses www in the URL or not? Most likely you probably didn’t even notice the difference. Some sites like to add www to their domain name (we do) and others prefer to leave it out. Either way, site owners make that choice and get it…


Prepare A Basic Ubuntu Server

Interested in a do it yourself project? This guide will show you how to prepare a basic Ubuntu server as a foundation. In the future, you may want to start your own blog, a photo gallery, social network, community forum or even a private site for your family. Are you ready to dive right in?…